The Windsor Sierra & Acacia Model Walk-in Bath

Windsor Sierra & Acacia Lay Down Model Walk-in Bath

Do you remember the last time you were able to enjoy a long, hot soak to get rid of any aches, pain or stress without having to worry about how to hop in and out of the bath? Now you can enjoy the bath again thanks to Windsor Bath’s Sierra & Acacia lay-down walk-in baths. They allow you to enjoy that good soak again in comfort and safety. By replacing your current traditional bath which may now be awkward and difficult to use, you can now return to bathing like you’re used to.

The only difference between the Sierra and the Acacia models are the length of the bath. The Sierra is 1550mm long, 750mm wide and 610mm high while the Acacia is 1700mm long, 750mm wide and 610mm high. They are made from the same materials, same contraction and have the same design, look, feel and colour.

Installing a lay-down bath in the same place as your current traditional bathtub means that the same water and drainage points can be used to reduce installation costs by your local licensed plumber. With a simple in-swinging door (either left or right sided), low slip floors and a stylish design, our Sierra & Acacia modes are extremely safe and accessible.

The main features of the Sierra & Acacia lay-down walk-in baths include:

  • This walk-in baths have a shower space to give you the best of both worlds while being space efficient. Great for smaller bath rooms with multiple family needs.
  • No stepping over for people with limited mobility like those with joint replacements
  • No lifting over of grand kids as they can step through the door themselves
  • The Sierra holds about 180 litres of water with no person in the bath, same as a standard Australian bath. The Acacia holds about 210 litres of water.
  • Made from marine grade fibreglass and stainless steel framing
  • Accessible bathtub with in-swinging door that fully seals to ensure it’s waterproof
  • Simple single lever door lock/unlock mechanism with accessible design
  • Slip resistant bathtub floor
  • Bath drain overflow system to ensure there is no flooding while cold bath water can be replaced with warmer water
  • Easy to use bath plug which can be opened in 2 separate ways
  • These baths are “corner-designed” so two sides are covered (as per the photos) and two sides (the back of the bath and the side near the door/shower end) are open, as they are to be installed against the corner of the bathroom.
  • Comes with the option of choosing either left-hand door or right-hand door
  • Can be easily installed and used as a full length combination bath and shower
  • Compatible with oils and salts for e.g. pain management
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Windsor Sierra & Acacia Lay Down Model Walk-in Bath

Optional features of the Sierra & Acacia lay-down walk-in bath models include:

  • Canadian warm air-based hydrotherapy spa system with 16 jets
  • The spa system is self-cleaning (self-purging)
  • 300mm grab bar installed for stability in getting up and down
  • Tap ware can either be wall or hob (on bath) mounted

The Sierra & Acacia lay down baths are aesthetic and functional models that look good in your bathroom and gives you the accessibility no matter your needs now. The Sierra or Acacia can easily replace your current bath and have a 3-year warranty.

Does it sound like the Sierra & Acacia model Windsor walk-in baths could be for you? Contact us to enquire further about how a lay down bath could suit your needs.

Standard and Optional Tap Sets

Optional Hydrotherapy Air Spa System

Each model of a Windsor Walk-in bath can be fitted with the optional Canadian Hydrotherapy Air Spa System. It provides a reinvigorating start to your day or the perfect way to unwind before a good night’s sleep.

16 well positioned gentle massaging air jets, using warm air, targets the body’s joints relieving pain associated with rheumatism, arthritis and circulatory problems associated with limited mobility.

Each jet dispenses warm air though six holes on the sides, this to avoid the risk of sensitive skin bruises while an easy to reach control pad allows you to select the setting of your choice. The spa system will help you to relax your muscles and improve your blood flow.

The Hydrotherapy spa system is auto self-cleaning. It is activated 20 minutes after the spa is turned off and prevents the passing of bacteria from one user to another making it ideal for use in group homes and aged care facilities.